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Do you want to take over the internet world? I’m committed to changing your online presence and have more than seven years of hands-on experience in digital marketing, website building, and SEO. Imagine a sleek website that is easy for anyone to use, strong marketing strategies that get people to engage and buy, and SEO strategies that make you visible to everyone.

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Don’t be happy with average. Contact me right away, and we’ll make a digital plan for you that stands out from the rest!

Hi there! If you need help with your business online, my name is Muzamil Akram and I’m a digital expert. What I do: I’ve been really into digital marketing, website creation, and SEO (making websites easy to find on Google!) for more than 7 years.

Whether they were big or small, I’ve helped over 1,5000 businesses grow and do well online. From creating awesome websites to getting known on social media, I’ve done it all.

My team and I at Webzoi in DHA Lahore are completely focused on making websites and social media work great for businesses. We love coming up with cool ideas and making them into reality online.

I also run SEO Magic Box, where we help companies get to the top of Google search results. Plus, I like to write! You can find my writings on Style Nest Online, Vogue Blogging and SEO Magic Box where I share tips and tricks for succeeding online.

And hey, I even have my own online shop, serving customers in the USA and Canada. Giving people a great time when they shop online is what counts.

Whether you’re a business looking to grow, a student eager to learn, or just someone curious about the online world, I’m here to help. Let’s work together to make some digital magic!

Education & Experience

Muzamil Akram

CEO & Founder | WebZoi

CEO & Founder | SEO Magic Box


What I Provide

Improve your online presence with web design, link building, SEO/marketing, and app development services that are fully customised to meet the needs of your business.

Web Design

Making websites that are appealing and easy to use that are specific to your brand, making sure that they are easy to navigate and give users an interesting experience.

Expert Consultancy

Create immersive digital experiences that captivate and convert visitors, focusing on intuitive navigation and compelling visuals.

Link Building

Using smart link-building strategies to boost your online profile and authority, making your website more visible in search engines, and getting free traffic to it.

Expert Consultancy

Quality and relevance should be more important than quantity when looking for high-value link opportunities to boost your online authority and get ahead of your competitors.



Increasing your website's exposure and bringing targeted visitors to it with complete SEO and marketing services made to fit your business goals.

Expert Consultancy

Stay ahead in the digital world with strategic insights and suggestions for how to improve your visibility and get the most out of all of your marketing channels.

Mobile App

using your ideas to make new, feature-packed mobile apps that will keep users interested and make business processes run more smoothly on a variety of platforms.

Expert Consultancy

Create mobile apps that are focused on the user and encourage engagement and loyalty. For the best performance and growth, combine industry knowledge with user insights.

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  • Key Features

    I focus on personalisation, which means making plans that fit each person's needs. I always come up with new ideas to stay ahead. Results that I can see are what I use to judge my success. A key part of strong partnerships is working together.

  • Design

    I make experiences that are focused on the customer and are easy to use and interesting. Brand continuity is very important to me. My designs work on all kinds of devices because they are adaptable. Details make the user experience better.

  • Development

    I'm an expert at making unique solutions. My work grows with the businesses of my clients. Performance optimisation is very important. Security methods protect the integrity of the data.

  • Marketing

    I come up with complete strategies that work across many media. Expertise in SEO makes you more visible. Participating in social media raises awareness of a business. For smart choices, analytics keep track of performance.


My Skill

As a seasoned digital marketer, website designer, and SEO specialist with over 7 years of experience, I bring a versatile skill set to the table. My expertise spans across various domains, including:

Understanding Brief
Design Process

First, I make sure I fully understand the client's wants, needs, and goals. I have in-depth conversations to make sure that everyone understands what the job needs. I get all the information I need to make a complete plan that fits with what the client wants.

I do market research to look at competitors, business trends, and the tastes of my target audience. Throughout the project, I use insights gleaned from data to help me make decisions. To stay ahead of the curve and get great results, I look for new ideas and tactics.

I use a structured design method that is tailored to the goals of the client. I come up with unique ideas and show them to the client so they can give me feedback and give their approval. I make changes to designs based on what clients say to make sure their idea comes to life well. During the execution phase, I pay close attention to every detail to make sure quality and consistency are maintained.

Web Design
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Social Media Marketing
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Content Writing/ Blog Writing
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Link Building
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Mobile App
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Are you ready to change your online image and reach your online targets? Let’s do this! I’m here to help you succeed because I’ve worked for years in digital marketing, building websites, and SEO. It’s time to start making digital magic happen! Get in touch with me right away!”

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Office Phone: +92 339 89 000 99
Manager Phone: +92 311 00 00 974

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Office Email: info@muzamilakram.com
Manager Email: lubna@muzamilakram.com

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